Huawei MateBook X Pro

MateBook X Pro, which stands out as a top model among the MateBook models that Huawei recently introduced, has finally arrived. The MateBook X Pro, which we briefly reviewed at the Mobile World Congress, is in many ways one of the fastest laptops we've seen since the Dell XPS 13. On the other hand, the MateBook X Pro, which adorns it with a beautiful design, let's see what it offers.

How Does MateBook X Pro Look?

The MateBook X Pro's design, sharp edges, frameless display and compact design make it look beautiful wherever you look. The device, which is available in space gray, is also available in mystic silver.The laptop weighs about 1.3 kilograms. The model is very thin and offers a thickness of 4.9 mm at its thinnest point and 14.6 mm at its thickest point. Obviously, with this size and weight, it was a thin and light notebook that was comfortable enough to carry. The compact design is also reflected in the battery. MateBook X Pro's battery is a smartphone charging adapter. In this sense, it differs from many competitors.

What's Nearby?

The laptop's backlit keyboard consists of keys that are very close to the surface, of a gender that will keep pace with the minimal design. The proximity of the keys to the floor may require some familiarization in the first place for some users, but we are sure you will be comfortable afterwards.

The backlit keyboard has two levels of brightness. You can set this via the keyboard with the Fn and F3 keys. If you continue with the function keys, you will see that there is a camera key between F6 and F7. When you press this button, a camera comes out underneath. Yes, the MateBook X Pro has integrated the camera into the keyboard to refine the top bezel. This use has been wise. As we said, both the screen edge frame can be refined and the camera is turned off when you are not using it. It's so beautiful here. However, the location of the camera will cause you to move the laptop a little further away from you while you are making video calls, and the people will usually see you from the bottom. Another negative point of the camera is the 720p resolution.

As for the touchpad under the keyboard, we can say that this surface is kept quite wide. Thus, the touchpad, which gives a spacious usage area, became a surface we liked as a result of general usage.The MateBook X Pro is one of the laptops with the fingerprint sensor, which we have recently seen. Huawei integrates the fingerprint sensor into the power button, which allows you to log into the session safely and practically by touching it after turning on the laptop.

The point we want to open a separate bracket about the MateBook X Pro is the speakers. The tremendous surround sound can be achieved with the 4 speakers placed around the laptop and Dolby Atmos support. So we can emphasize that you will enjoy this movie especially when watching movies.

Finally, the connections around the MateBook X Pro include USB 3.0 as well as two USB-C ports, one of which supports Thunderbolt 3. It also includes an expansion adapter. This allows you to enjoy full-size HDMI and VGA video outputs.

How is the MateBook X Pro Screen?

The MateBook X Pro features a 13.9-inch screen. The screen itself looks impressive, but the way it is presented is a highlight. Huawei's FullView design called the screen, along with very thin bezels, the laptop has a screen-to-body ratio of 91 percent.

Of course, like many editors, we are fans of thin frames on the screens. For example, we put the Dell XPS 13, which we reviewed a few years ago and still obviously managed to miss itself, for this reason. The MateBook X Pro, like the XPS 13, offers a wide range of images and images.The resolution of the screen on the laptop is 3K, ie 3000x2000 pixels. It also has a pixel density of 260 ppi and uses a 3: 2 aspect ratio. While this aspect ratio is ideal for the productivity that the laptop is the subject of, of course, in 16: 9 format movies, you will also see some black stripes on the top and bottom of the screen.

The brightness of the screen is 450 nits, 100 percent of the sRGB color gamut and the contrast level is set to 1500: 1. As a result, it is possible to say that the screen looks good.Finally, the MateBook X Pro's screen is touch-sensitive. Thus, the screen not only looks good, but also supports practical use.

MateBook X Pro Technical Staff and Performance

MateBook X Pro is a powerful laptop. The model we have is the Core i7-8550U from Intel's 8th generation processor family. This processor, with 4 physical cores and 8 threads, operates at a basic frequency of 1.8 GHz, but can increase the frequency to 4.0 GHz. With a basic power consumption of 15W, the processor also supports efficiency.

Among the components located around the processor, 16 GB of RAM stands out. In addition, a 512 GB NVMe SSD is used. Thus, Huawei managed to melt performance and capacity in the same pot.Finally, the MateBook X Pro uses the Intel Graphics 620 built-in graphics unit, as well as the GeForce MX 150 mobile graphics processor, which uses NVIDIA's 2GB GDDR5 memory. So you can get media editing and creation, entertainment-oriented use, and MateBook X Pro delivers the performance that suits this platform.

In the light of this technical staff, the MateBook X Pro, which we run tests, can collect 514 points from the Cinebench on the processor side. When we look at Geekbench, it can get 4861 points with single core score and 14002 points with multiple core performance. Likewise, the MateBook X Pro, which won 2926 points in the PCMark 8 Home test, showed us 8549 points in 3DMark Sky Diver on the graphics side. Again, the Fire Strike'da 2546, 890 points in Time Sky'da managed to get the laptop, Cinebench'in graphics produced 97 FPS results.

How much is the battery life of MateBook X Pro? According to Huawei's discovery, the MateBook X Pro offers up to 12 hours of video playback when fully charged. Of course there are some criteria for this. For example, the brightness of the screen should be set to 150 nits, the volume should be turned on at 67 percent, OneDrive should be turned off. Of course, real world tests will be slightly different from these criteria. Our Full HD video test was recorded as 8 hours and 1 minute.

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