LG Signature 65SK8500PLA Review

The LG 65SK8500PLA has a choice of large screens, both 55 inches and 65 inches. Thus, both models provide a very large image. In addition to its large image, LG has created a model that looks physically beautiful. The display is placed on a stylish stand and the slim panel frame brings the image to the forefront.

Producing 4K resolution images, the LG 65SK8500PLA uses Nano Cell display technology. The Nano Cell uses nanoparticles that optimize every color on the screen, so that beautiful colors are already displayed and there is no color distribution when viewed from different angles. So, when you look at the screen from different angles, you still see the original colors. Moreover, it is not always possible to watch the television directly, especially if the household is a bit crowded. At this point we have to look at the screen from diagonal points, which leads to discoloration on traditional televisions. However, as we said, LG has managed to prevent these distortions with Nano Cell display technology; it provides true and clear colors to the viewer without color distortion, even at side angles.

HDR 10 and Dolby Vision

Of course, this is not the only screen technology used on television. There is also the Full Local Dimming feature. With this, unlike Edge LED TVs that send light to the edges of the TV, LG sends LED backlights behind the entire screen so that it can display high contrast, deep blacks without losing shadow details. Of course, HDR formats are also supported on this TV; With HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, you can watch 4K HDR images. On the other hand, not only everyday TV viewers or those who like to watch quality movie productions at home, but gamers can also enjoy 4K HDR. Speaking of cinema, the LG 65SK8500PLA is one of the TV models recommended by Netflix.

Okay, so if you ask what the sound quality of the television is, Dolby Atmos comes in. The TV is equipped with 2.2 watts of 40 watts and is supported by Dolby atmos. With Dolby Atmos you can achieve 360-degree audio performance. This means that you do not need to purchase an additional audio system.

Intelligent brain with advanced artificial intelligence

Smart TV owners know that in many models, because of the slower interface speed, smart features become unavailable after a while, because when you want to use the interface is so heavy that you literally regret it, even after a while you don't want to enter YouTube. The LG 65SK8500PLA is of course also a smart television. But of course it is very different from traditional models.

It uses LG's webOS operating system, making it extremely fluid. You can even control YouTube by talking to him thanks to his artificial intelligence. At the heart of this is the Alpha7 processor, which LG calls the "smart brain".The Alpha7 processor enhances the visual quality level with its noise reduction and depth enhancing features and provides a wide color spectrum, as well as support in artificial intelligence.

The LG 65SK8500PLA is a natural language processing camera. In short, your television listens to you if you want, responds to what you ask and does what you want. Thus, for example, you do not adjust the TV to turn off the TV automatically after a certain time, you can tell it by voice. Similarly, you can open the game console, easily find the content you are looking for, or simply ask the weather.

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