Samsung Q7FN QLED Review

Adopting a frameless design, the Samsung Q7FN QLED TV eliminates frame boundaries. In this way, the screen is already large, offering a wider image creates the atmosphere. The minimalist design approach of the television is evident not only with its frameless screen but also with its stylish stand. You can even change this stand of the television according to your own taste. If you want, there are 2 different modern options like Gravity Foot or Studio Foot. Of course you have the option of hanging the TV on the wall, however, you can use the Samsung Q7FN QLED TV not only as a TV, but also as a painting. Because there is no wall opening in the television; which makes it approach the wall almost zero.

So, where are the connections of the Samsung Q7FN QLED TV? Yes, the Samsung televisions that we encountered recently have a striking feature at this point. The latest Samsung televisions come with One Connect, a smart box.

All the connections of the television are gathered on this device called One Connect. On the back of the television there is only one cable to connect with One Connect and it is almost invisible. Thus, by eliminating the bundle of cable running behind the traditional television, image pollution is prevented. This is the first benefit. The second benefit is in practice. Because when you connect any device to the TV, you don't have to look for a port on the back of the TV. Especially on wall-mounted televisions, it is clear how difficult this is.

One Connect collects a total of four HDMI ports, three USB ports, composite ports, Ethernet ports and other units. The goal is to connect your devices more easily with the external junction box, not from behind the TV, and more easily without going behind the TV.

Samsung Q7FN QLED TV Characteristics

Now let's see the image and panel features of the Samsung Q7FN QLED TV. The television of course has a panel that produces 4K UHD images. The 55-inch TV stands out with its HDR 10+ support, and of course the biggest difference is that it has a QLED panel. Because QLED TVs are assertive about longevity compared to OLED TVs.

So, what is QLED TV?

QLED has technically inorganic quantum dot light emitting diodes, but unlike OLED, they do not emit their own light. Instead, they are illuminated by an illumination light like any LCD TV. So you can think of QLED technology as a color filter, a layer of quantum dots placed in front of the LCD backlight. As a result of this, QLED TVs, which increase the color level, offer another important feature besides the increase in picture performance. This is a long life.

Samsung has made an important claim on QLED TVs, which, as it is known, is a permanent flaw that can result from the same image or scene being fixed in certain parts of the TV screen for long periods of time. Samsung, QLED TVs underline that is being prevented.

Q Motor processor in the heart

Now that we're talking about this feature of the TV, we can now slowly talk about the Q Engine processor and the operating system called the Q Engine in the heart of the TV. We know the blessings that the artificial intelligence ability we have seen on the smartphones of the last years offers us about photography. When shooting in automatic mode, the Q Motor processor performs an artificial intelligence-like function that can analyze the scene you're taking, optimizing the conditions best suited to the circumstances. Thus, each scene displayed on the screen is analyzed and the corresponding color, contrast and detail are presented. It is technically attractive, as well as practical.

The Samsung Q7FN QLED TV, which runs the Tizen operating system like many previous Samsung televisions, offers great ease of use. In particular, the interface control speed is incredibly smooth. You can try it out in a store in comparison to other models.

With the remote control that comes with the TV, you can easily control the television and it can be used as the main panel of the ecosystem with the Smart Things feature found on other Samsung Tizen operating devices. In other words, IoT in your home, the Internet of Things objects, calendar reminders and notifications can be displayed on your TV with pop-up messages.

Speaking of remote control, Bixby shows support, so you can use Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby on this television. Not to mention the other smart features of TV and service integrations. From Netflix to Prime Video, you can manage a wide range of services from YouTube to Spotify.

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